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-  每个星期二发货(每个星期天截单,新鲜海货需要时间预留)
-  西马消费满RM150包邮 (Skynet)
-  东马消费满RM250包邮 (Poslaju)
-  每公斤运费西马RM10,东马RM15
-  指定快递请备注,运费不同

- 包裹将通过 Poslaju / Skynet发送,大约2-5个工作日内会收到货物。

由于我们收到太多反馈对于该州属(Johor) 的Skynet派送经常延误,迟迟未签收。
因此我们建议您若有购买如江鱼仔、虾米、蚝干之类海味,可以选择Poslaju快递 (天然调味粉&零食不受影响)
Poslaju 运费如下图显示,我们根据官方价格表和资料帮您运送,无任何多余费用

- Shipped every Tuesday (order closed every Sunday due to fresh seafood takes time to reserve)
- West Malaysia spends RM150 included postage (Skynet)
- East Malaysia spends over RM250 included postage (Poslaju)
- RM10 per kg, RM15 for East Malaysia
- Please remark if any specify courier company, the shipping cost may vary

- Goods will be send via Poslaju / Skynet which will take 2- 5 workings days to receive the goods.

Important Notice: Customers in Johor
Since we received too much feedback, the Johor's Skynet delivery was often delayed.
Therefore, we recommend that if you purchase dried seafood such as anchovy, dried shrimp, and others, you can choose Poslaju Express (pure food powder powder & snacks are not affected)
The shipping cost of Poslaju is shown below. We will ship it according to the official price list and information without any extra cost.
Customers who place orders on the official website, please contact us after ordering to confirm the shipping cost.
Thank you for your trust and understanding, we will try our best to give you the best service, thank you!
*The above are suggestions for you. For the Poslaju shipping please refer to the following chart:

Shipping fee-domestic poslaju.jpg

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