Jia Xiang originates from Pangkor island in Malaysia and established since 2016. The brand Jia Xiang in mandarin has a very meaningful name which means "home" and "fragrance". Every meal at home will be special with the extra fragrance in it. The founder of Jia Xiang Home has never forgotten his hometown from Pangkor Island while pursuing the career of marketing and graphic design. He sees the potential to promote the local fishing village culture and dried seafood, he stops his full-time job and ventures into the little business which brought much attention today. Over the years, Jia Xiang has become most of the household favourite brand in Malaysia. There are customers from Singapore who frequent Malaysia also became the fan of the brand. Jia Xiang provides a wide range of dried seafood products including their popular Anchovy powder which is made suitable for babies at their age of 6m+ and above. The Anchovy used is from Pangkor island fishery and it is known to be best in quality. The process of making anchovy powder needs to go through strict guidelines to ensure the output of the quality is at the top grade. Our workers have to remove every guts and entrails during the cleaning process. After which, it has to be wash and soak several times to ensure it is clean before sending for baking. You can be rest assure that we use 100% pure raw materials. No added salt, no MSG , no Additives - It is natural. 这里经营着一家海产干货网店,店主是回流海岛上的90’后,通过网络把最好的海岛食材分享给各个角落的您。对于本店所有食材,都是店主亲自挑选和制作,确保最新的海产干货送到您府上。 这里诚心待客,有最新鲜的货源、纯天然的自制调味粉、和一系列自家的海产品,绝对品质肯定!势必让您用最便捷的方式就能购入优质的海岛食材。 一咸一淡一酸一甜一麻一辣一辛一苦,惊喜了味蕾,丰富了平凡生活。家香海产在食光旅途中寻觅那些记忆里的味道,欲分享给每一个衷爱食物的人。 这里不仅是天然海货的食材网店,更与您一起开启了美妙的寻味之旅!