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特浓江鱼仔粉 Anchovy Powder with Sea Salt

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特浓江鱼仔粉 - 海盐调配 (净100g)(不建议宝宝食用)
100% 邦咯岛优质江鱼仔 & 海盐研磨
 • 100%纯优质原料研磨
 • 它不是味精,它为您的菜肴增添营养,提味鲜香。
 • 所有天然调味粉系列已经实验室化验认正



Anchovy Powder with sea salt (net weight:100g)
Fresh and 100% high quality anchovy from Pangkor Island grind together with natural sea salt.
Suitable for who like rich flavour, Not recommended for baby
 • Use only 100% finest raw quality ingredients
 • It's not MSG, it adds nutrients to your dishes and tastes delicious.
 • The anchovy powder with sea salt recommended for heavy taste or instant hot pot soup base, not suitable for baby food.
 • Nutritional ingredients have been tested in the laboratory

 • Uses: hot pot soup base, home cooking, seasoning

: Preservation method :
Do not expose to high temperature and humidity, use a clean spoon to extract, seal and refrigerate. After unsealing and frozen storage for 1 year , as long as no mold. Remember to refrigerate to ensure the freshness of the food.

Product is proudly made in Malaysia. Pangkor island

Food Testing with certification completed