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虾米粉 Dried Shrimp Powder

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虾米粉 (净100g)
100% 海岛渔家手工处理的上等虾米,富含磷、钙、对小儿、孕妇尤有补益功效。 老年人的饭菜里放一些对提高食欲和增强体质都很有好处。

 • 无味素、无添加剂、无防腐剂、无盐、无Msg、无改造
 • 100%纯优质原料 100%纯天然 100%品质肯定 100%放心
 • 用途:宝宝辅食品(熬粥/拌粥)、蒸式菜色、熬汤、炒饭炒菜、蒸煮、焖炖、肉馅调料、面条制作、各式烹调等。
 • 它不是味精,它为您的菜肴增添营养,提味鲜香。


Dried Shrimp Powder (net weight:100g)
• Premium quality homemade dried shrimp from the island.
• Rich in calcium, phosphorus and protein.
• Great boost in calcium absorption.
• Suitable to add into elderly's food, good for appetite and physical fitness.

From 6 month baby, it is an indispensable health condiment on the table of every household!
 • NO additives, NO preservatives, NO salt, NO artificial flavouring, NOT MSG seasoning,
 • Use only 100% finest raw quality ingredients
 • It's not MSG, it adds nutrients to your dishes and tastes delicious.
 • Nutritional ingredients have been tested in the laboratory

Uses: Baby food (stir with porridge / boil with porridge), steamed dish, soup, fried rice, cooking, stewing, meat seasoning, noodle making, all kinds of cooking. 

Preservation method :  Do not expose to high temperature and humidity, use a clean spoon to extract, seal and refrigerate. After unsealing and frozen storage for 1 year , as long as no mold. Remember to refrigerate to ensure the freshness of the food. 

Product is made in Malaysia. Pangkor island
Singapore Food Agency (SFA) licensed approved
Food Testing with certification completed