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香辣虾米松/江鱼仔/西丁鱼 Spicy Dried Shrimp/Anchovy/Ikan Rumi

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香辣江鱼仔🔥非常脆口 - 净100克
采用岛上名产江鱼仔,再配合海角人的手艺制作而成。口感爽脆、辣中带咸,爽口吃不停! 开盖即食休闲零嘴、椰浆饭、餐桌拌菜、汤面、炒菜等各式搭配

香辣西丁鱼🔥非常脆口 - 净100克

香辣虾米松🔥热销 - 净100克


Spicy Dried Anchovy🔥Very Crunchy - net 100g
Made with the famous anchovies from Pangkor Island and combined with the craftsmanship of the local villagers. You tasted crunchy, spicy and a little bit salty, the freshness of the local anchovies, delicious and non-stop of snacking it! Ready to eat snacks, nasi lemak, side dishes, soup noodles, stir-fry vegetables and other various combinations.

Spicy Ikan Rumi🔥Very Crunchy - net 100g
Selected local salted ikan rumi cubes, fisherman’s secret spices and white sesame seeds. Spicy and salty, crispy and chewy flavour, pretty paired with any, it is the perfect match for the fishermen drinks after returning from the sea.
Ready to eat snacks, side dishes, soup noodles, stir-fry vegetables, beer and other various combinations.
The size of the Ikan Rumi may varies with the catch every season. Please understand that there is no exactly same for wild catch seafood.

Spicy Dried Shrimp🔥Best Seller - net 100g
Made with selected dried shrimps, local chilis and spices.
The most basic way to taste our spiced dried shrimp is just mix together with your Noodles or Rice. If you are Dumplings lover, you can also use as seasonings or mix one spoon inside your Soup Noodles, ideas for Sushi or Popiah Roll, as topping for Chee Chiong Fun, Liong TauFu, the oil at the bottom can use to fried vege like Kangkung Belacan, Eggplant, Lady's Finger and etc.


Best consumed within 90 days for best quality.
Use a clean spoon, avoid direct sunlight and humidity.

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