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心意无二礼盒 Pure Food Powder Gift Box

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1. 江鱼仔粉 (净100g)
• 全邦咯岛名产,鲜甜的白江鱼仔。100%纯天然无加工 品质保证的岛上海产。
• 经实验室营养化验保证

2. 特浓江鱼仔粉 - 海盐调配 (净100g)
• 选用品质优良的江鱼仔、清洗、自然晒干、磨粉,连骨和天然海盐一起磨粉增加钙质
• 特浓江鱼仔粉适合喜欢比较浓郁口味的用户或者火锅汤底,熬出来的汤底特别浓郁香甜,而且还含有丰富的钙质和omega。

3. 干贝江鱼仔粉 (净100g)
• 选用上等干贝和江鱼仔、自然晒干后磨粉。
• 干贝江鱼粉可以添加在宝宝辅食品,增加钙的吸收,煮出来的粥特别香甜好吃,而且还含有丰富的钙质和omega。
• 邦咯岛名产 Gred A 品质江鱼仔

4. 虾米粉 (净100g)
• 海岛渔家手工处理的新鲜虾米
• 富含磷、钙、对小儿、孕妇尤有补益功效
• 可预防自身因缺钙所致的骨质疏松症; 老年人的饭菜里放一些虾皮, 对提高食欲和增强体质都很有好处

5. 左口鱼粉 (净85g)
• 又名大地鱼/比目鱼
• 堪比天然味精

6. 干贝粉 (净40g)
• 营养价值非常高,鲍鱼海参媲美的优质食材

7. 原味鸡粉 (净40g)
• 绿色原料,采用真实的鸡胸肉为原料,营养成分具有天然的优势

8 . 花菇粉  (净35g)
• 菇含有多种维生素和矿物质
• 素食者也可以食用
• 营养高

• 6个月的宝宝就可以开始少量食用,分量随着成长慢慢增加
• 选用上等白江鱼,内脏已全去除/上品花菇/鲜美干贝/精选虾米
• 传统传承制作法,卫生条件佳的环境里天然阳光晒干,再稍微烘干。香味更持久于直接烘烤,营养不流失
• 家香海产天然营养调味粉的自制范围卫生讲究,不含任何方式掺假,不含防腐剂和其他化学品,零添加剂保证
• 特浓江鱼仔粉已混合海盐调配,推荐给重口味或速食火锅汤底,不适合宝宝食用 

• 无味素、无添加剂、无防腐剂、无盐、无Msg、无改造
• 100%纯优质原料 100%纯天然 100%品质肯定 100%放心
• 用途:宝宝辅食品(熬粥/拌粥)、蒸式菜色、熬汤、炒饭炒菜、蒸煮、焖炖、肉馅调料、面条制作、各式烹调等。
• 它不是味精,它为您的菜肴增添营养,提味鲜香。


Our seasoning powder is made from 100% pure raw materials. No added salt, no MSG , no additives Therefore, when mothers cook, it is necessary to add the right amount of salt or MSG according to their own taste. From 6 months baby to old man, food supplement to various dishes, or nutrition to taste buds, it is an indispensable health condiment on the table of every household!

1) Anchovy Powder (net weight:100g)
• Fresh and high quality anchovy from the island.
• Homemade, 100% natural and non-processed.
• Nutritional ingredients have been tested in the laboratory.
• Can be added to your baby's complementary food to increase nutrient absorption.
Suitable for: baby's complementary food, soup, porridge, home cooking, seasoning

 2) Anchovy Powder with sea salt (net weight:100g)
• Fresh and high quality anchovy from the island.
• Grind together with natural sea salt.
• Suitable for who like rich flavour.
• Not recommended for baby
Suitable for: hot pot soup base, home cooking, seasoning

3) Scallop & Anchovy Powder (net weight:100g)
• Premium quality scallop and Fresh anchovy from the island.
• Homemade, 100% natural and non-processed.
• Suitable to add into baby food, great boost in calcium absorption.
• Rich in Calcium and Omega
Suitable for: baby's complementary food, soup, porridge, home cooking, seasoning 

4) Dried Shrimp Powder (net weight:100g)
• Premium quality homemade dried shrimp from the island.
• Rich in calcium, phosphorus and protein.
• Great boost in calcium absorption.
• Suitable to add into elderly's food, good for appetite and physical fitness.
Suitable for: home cooking, porridge, steam, baby's complementary food, fried vegetables

5) Flounder Fish Powder (net weight:85g)
• It is recommended to mix in the meat stuffing such as wonton dumplings, or sprinkle it on steamed dishes, porridge, soup base.
• Its comparable to natural MSG.
Suitable for: soup base, meat stuffing, home cooking, steam

6) Scallop Powder (net weight:40g)
• High quality imported scallops.
• Rich in amino acids and nucleic acids.
• Rich in variety of minerals.
• It is a kind of high quality ingredients that can be compared to abalone or sea cucumber.
Suitable for: baby's complementary food, soup, porridge, home cooking, seasoning

7) Chicken Powder (net weight:40g)
• 100% natural and non-processed chicken breast.
• Suitable for all kinds of dishes & enhance the taste of the ingredients.
Suitable for: baby's complementary food, porridge, seasoning

8) Mushroom Powder (net weight:35g)
• Containing 17 kinds of amino acids required by the human body.
• Suitable for vegetarian.
• Enhance the flavour and increase nutrition.
Suitable for: making noodles, meat stuffing, baby's complementary food, home cooking

• A 6-month-old baby can start eating in small quantities, and the weight gradually increases with growth.
• Use only the finest, ground with the purest raw materials
• Traditional inheritance production method, natural sundried in the environment with good sanitation, and then dried slightly by oven. The scent is more durable than direct baking, and the nutrition is not lost.
• The home-made range of our pure food powder is hygienic, does not contain any method of adulteration, contains no preservatives and other chemicals, zero additive guarantee
• The anchovy powder with sea salt recommended for heavy taste or instant hot pot soup base, not suitable for baby food

• No additives, no preservatives, no salt, no Msg
• 100% pure quality raw materials, 100% natural, 100% quality assured
• Uses: baby food (stir with porridge / boil with porridge), steamed dish, soup, fried rice, cooking, stewing, meat seasoning, noodle making, all kinds of cooking.
• It's not MSG, it adds nutrients to your dishes and tastes delicious.

: preservation method :
Do not expose to high temperature and humidity, use a clean spoon to extract, seal and refrigerate. After unsealing and frozen storage for 1 year , as long as no mold. Remember to refrigerate to ensure the freshness of the food.

厂商名称 Manufacturer : 家香海产 Jia Xiang Seafood Trading
产地 Origin:马来西亚霹雳邦咯岛 Pangkor Island

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